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Oct 20, 2012 3:43pm EDT
experience and show them -- i haven't served in the u.s. senate, neither has mr. sadler, i welcome and rely on their experience about the institution, about the individual people in that institution and my intention if and when i'm elected in november is to put my nose down, roll my sleeves up and do the hard work it's going to take to fix these problems. >> mr. sadler, how would you get up to speed and is there a policy area you think you would have to lean on your colleagues? >> foreign policy. we're not privy to the security briefings that senators get. we don't have those things. i've been very measured in my criticisms of -- i've never been critical of mr. obama or mr. romney on foreign policy because i think it's important that you know what you're talking about. as a united states senator you need to know when to deep your mouth shut and right now that's the time. everythingrivy to they know. that's an area where i would look forward to having briefings and having the opportunity to learn more about. >> thank you very much, thanks to you for -- thanks to you the candidates for j
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1